Blogging, what is it?

How TO start a BLOG?

A blog is like a magnet that you use to attract your potential customers. Writing high quality content for your visitors. This is also known as organic traffic, once you have traffic to your content, you can then start working on conversion of this traffic.

The challenge with mangaing the blog yourself is the many different creative elements which are overlooked, such as writing, graphic design, computer programming, that are needed to successfully carry out a modern marketing strategy. The learning curve for a busy entrepreneur or small businesses with little experience is staggering, leaving the business owner with either a vastly incomplete marketing strategy missing key elements, such as blog, social media marketing or a site filled with ugly graphics or both.

Blogging Content Marketing - what is a blog

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Content Marketing

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Keyword research, identifying suitable blog posts, contacting business owners, pricing campaigns, develop a campaign strategy then analysing results takes time. It can be costly, in time and money, and if not performed correctly, with no return on that investment. By using our services, you’ll have a campaign strategist working with you to select the ideal influencers, manage the campaign and deliver the results. 

Blogging Agency

DIY or use an agency

Most businesses have neither the time or money to blog themselves and create content. In many instances, business owners lean towards hiring an employee because that has been the process in the past to solve an immediate need. Business owners have the perception that using an agency is far more expensive than hiring in-house staff. Many owners fail to take into account the true costs associated with hiring and retaining an employee.